Sunday, July 22, 2007

It Is Finished!

It is finished!
The name of Alexa Marie Hering has been sealed in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Pastor Grandpa had the blessed privilege of drowning the little sinner and welcoming her into the Kingdom of Christ at the font of Trinity, Layton in today's Divine Service. Here is the little saint with Uncle Luke, Grandma Donna, Papa Kevin, Mama Ciara, & Grandpa Pastor.

Alexa is already exercising her priesthood as her Baptism was cause for the maternal grandparents and her cousins, non-practicing Roman Catholic & LDS, to hear the Word of God and meet the risen Christ & His Bride.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

In der Liebe Christi,
Rev. Kurt Hering, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran ChurchLayton, Utah

"Now, wherever you hear or see this Word preached, believed, professed, andlived, do not doubt that the true ecclesia sancta catholica, 'a Christian holy people,' must be there, even though their number is small. . .And even if there were no other sign than this alone, it would still suffice to provethat a Christian, holy people must exist there, for God's word cannot be without God's people and, conversely, God's people cannot be without God's word." - Luther On the Councils and the Church in 1539


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and God's blessing be on all of you.

Ken Howes

anguskohler said...

My, they look so very young. To be blessed with both a wife and a Daughter. Sometimes our blessings can be overwhelming. I hope all is well with them. They look like they deserve the love that God has blessed all of them with.

I. M. Abaldy II said...

Thank you kindly Ken & Angus.

Not really deserving though, Angus. They are Lutheran, remember? Rotten to the core, yet blessed by God anyway. Matthew 5:45; Romans 5:8