Monday, December 17, 2007

The Reality of Christmas

As I struggle to get everything done this holiday season that stretches from the celebrations of Thanksgiving to Christmas and even New Year's Eve, I look forward to the times I will be able to spend with you in worship. For it is in worship that time stands still for the nonce and our Lord stands there with us.

I have heard many others speak of similar sentiments regarding worship during the holidays. Often it is described as an escape from the hectic reality of the world. But actually, the Divine Worship service is exactly the opposite. For in the Divine Service Christ dwells among us in Word and Sacrament, bringing heaven to earth from Invocation to Benediction.

And that, my dear friends in Christ, is the ultimate reality. The reality for which God the Father created us in the very beginning. The reality to which God the Son restored us in His bitter suffering and death. The reality delivered to us by God the Holy Spirit through the forgiveness of sins poured over sinful heads in Baptism, proclaimed to sinful ears in the preached Word and Holy Absolution, and placed between sinful lips in Holy Communion. The reality of dwelling in the presence of the Lord now and forever.

God grant you a holiday season that is indeed a season made Holy by His presence among you.

See you in Church!
Pastor Hering

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