Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh!

"Coyotes are people too."

After first asking the obvious question, "Why?"-- that was my wife's sarcastically smarmy observation when I read the last line of this article from this morning's Davis Standard Examiner to her.

A Coyote Cure? / Millville facility seeks nonlethal way to control the varmints
The Associated Press

MILLVILLE -- Coyotes are often unwelcome guests, whether they're prowling city parks, stalking the prairies or roaming the modern American suburb. Usually they forage for food, snarf down a rodent or two and disappear into the night.

Each year, government agents shoot, trap and poison about 90,000 of the ones suspected of killing livestock or causing other problems. But they're still trying to figure out how to turn the less troublesome coyotes back from neighborhoods and ranches -- without killing them.

. . . Ultimately, the solution to keeping coyotes out of trouble will be a complicated one, Shivik said. Sometimes it will require a mix of lethal and nonlethal methods that change over time. Landowners and wildlife managers will have to be flexible but, in the end, coyotes and people should be able to get along.

"We're trying to help coyotes as much as people."

The question bears repeating.


Good grief!

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