Saturday, March 6, 2010

Missouri Synod CEO on Haiti Disaster Relief

I would really appreciate your reactions and impressions of this video message from the president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod [LC-MS] regarding the earthquake in Haiti, and our synod's relief efforts.

What is the overall message you get from President Kieschnick?

What impression do you get from President Kieschnick's message about God, church, ministers, the LCMS, or Pres. Kieschnick himself?

What questions would you ask him about God, church, ministers, or the LCMS?

How does Psalm 46, as you hear it read in the video, relate to the whole situation in Haiti and to whom is it addressed?

How has your thinking or belief about God, church, or ministers been changed or reinforced by this message?

I am particularly interested in how non-Lutherans, and especialy non-Christians perceive President Kieschnick and his message.


John said...

I thought it was a good and heart- felt message. I am happy and proud that the church is having an important impact.

I. M. Abaldy II said...

Thank you kindly, John. Do you speak as a Missouri pastor or layman?