Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Flock, One Shepherd

Dear fellow sheep of the Good Shepherd, Jesus the Risen Christ:

Today is often called "Good Shepherd Sunday" because of the words of Jesus that begin our Gospel for the 2nd Sunday after Easter on the Church calendar. Historically, in the life of Christ's Church it has been known by the first words of the Introit, in the Latin, Misericordias Domini--"the tender-hearted mercies of the LORD." This is what makes our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, Good--that He has lain down His life for His sheep.

To hear about this tender-hearted mercy of our Good Shpeherd in today's sermon at Trinity Lutheran Church of Layton, Utah [Adapted from a sermon posted by Pr. Robin Fish, April 6, 2008], click on this MP3 link. "One Flock, One Shepherd."

Have a blessed week free of want having been fed in the green pasture of The Crucified and Risen Good Shepherd.

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