Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh!

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: aka, Puff, the Ill-timed Draggin

At the 3 minute mark of this police chase video, the squad car tips the fugitive vehicle into a parked car. Watch the door of the parked car open twice, and see if you can figure out why this "innocent" bystander was also arrested.


Thomas said...

In sorting out the situation on the ground there are police and civilians. The occupant of the bystander car is a civilian in the middle of a police operation. To keep him/her safe, the police will cuff and detain until it is all sorted out. The crowd around that person tells me that the police were concerned about that person's well being (just got whacked by another car as a result of police action) and wanted to make clear the need to cuff and clarify before any civilians are released or arrested and transported.
I am former Dallas Police and officer safety is primary so all unknown actors in the middle of the an action are controlled until all the sorting out is done.

Hope this offers an answer to your question.

I. M. Abaldy II said...

Thank you for the police perspective and protocol on this, Thomas. As a volunteer police chaplain in my local community, I appreciate your past service and present perspective.

However, you may want to take another, closer look at the video. The guy in the parked car opens his door twice and plumes of smoke billow forth.

Methinks said smoke was of a rather aromatic and illegal variety, and the fellow was unlucky enough to be a bystander caught in his illicit behavior because of the criminal behavior of another.