Saturday, November 5, 2011

Help Us Help Pastors

The Augustana Ministerium (TAM, ) is a pan-Lutheran group formed in 2004 to the aid of faithful pastors who have been mistreated in, or unbiblically removed from their calls by their congregations, as well as to generally uphold and promote our Lutheran confession of the Office of the Holy Ministry.

Since the election of Rev. Harrison as president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, TAM membership and contributions have waned, though the number of illegitimate "Divine Deposals" of pastors does not seem to be on the wane at all. So now, in addition to not having the resources to continue current subsidy levels for the men who have been deposed in the past, TAM faces the reality of being unable to provide any future financial assistance to additional men in need.

This is in no way meant to detract from Pres. Harrison’s faithful execution of his elected office. What it does mean is “so that we may obtain this faith [of AC IV], the ministry of teaching the Gospel and administering the Sacramentsm,” it takes individual pastors and laymen of our LC-MS congregations to do whatever they can to support what first “was instituted” by our Lord Himself. [See AC V.]

Pastors, please consider joining the ministerium [ ].

Laymen, please consider joining the confraternity [ ].

Congregations, please consider including TAM in your mission budget items.

The annual dues--$50 for pastors, $40 for laymen--cover the registration fee for TAM's annual Theological Conference and Plenary. The 2012 Theological Conference and Plenary is being planned for sometime in late July-early August in the greater Chicago area. Audio recordings and textual documents of past Theological Conference presentations are accessible at .

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
Rev. Kurt Hering
TAM Dean of Pastoral Care

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