Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Never Ends

Gimme is dead. At least that what my parents used to tell my brother and sister and me. Saying, "Gimme this," or "Gimme that," was not only a sure way not to get whatever we were "gimmeeing" about, if we didn't take the "Gimme is dead" hint and continued being so selfish and impolite, "Gimme" was also quite likely to get something he really didn't want at all—a scolding, a time-out (we called it grounding), or even a spanking.

Yes, dear children—and by children I mean everyone of us here—"Gimme is dead." At least he is dying. Gimme is that sinful beast in all of us that can never get enough of anything and is always concerned that we will be missing out on something somebody else has that we deserve more. Gimme is what we have been screaming ever since we were born—even since we were conceived and carried in our mother's womb.

But our Lord has something different to show and even, yes, to give us Gimme monsters. In our Epistle lesson His Apostle (sent one) Paul writes to the Christians at Corinth and to us today:" I will show you a still more excellent way." 1 Corinthians 12:31

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