Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Helper, the Holy Spirit

You are holy, that is to say, saints, because that is what the Holy Spirit has made you through Holy Baptism, through the preaching and teaching of the Holy Word of God, through the Holy Communion of Christ’s Church. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father [has sent] in [Jesus’] name, [has taught] you all [the] things and [brought] to your remembrance all that [Jesus has] said to you to open your ears and give you the spirit of hearing, to bring you out of the darkness of sin and into His marvelous light of salvation; to break your hearts of stone and turn them into hearts of flesh—that is, the “new heart, and new spirit” [Ezekiel 36:26] of faith.

When we think of a helper, we think of someone who gives us a little boost, or a helping hand to make difficult things easier to and faster to accomplish. But the Holy Spirit is the Helper sent by God to work in you what you cannot do for yourselves--period.

To hear and/or read the entire sermon preached for The Feast of Pentecost, click on this link.

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