Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Savior of Flesh and Blood

However we want to reorder God’s creation and create our own reality--whether by redefining and reinventing marriage, or by redefining life itself and what makes one viable, or even simply by putting God and His life-giving Word on standby until we have taken care of the more urgent things and grasped the more fleeting moments of our daily needs and fleshly desires—in the end we will come up against the reality that we are part of God’s created world.

That reality is that both this fallen world and our own sinful flesh will surely die and be subject to the will and desires of the God and Father who generated them in the beginning.

Christmas wraps up the will and desires of our God and Father in swaddling cloths and lays them in the manger of Bethlehem--A Savior of Flesh and Blood. For you see, the will and desires of our Father in heaven are none other than those He reveals to us in His Word and that Word made flesh to dwell among us.

To hear or read the entire sermon preached for the Nativity of Our Lord, "A Savior of Flesh and Blood" click on this link.

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