Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Vineyard of Our LORD

The kingdom of God, like the vineyard, is not a work of man, but a gift of God.

The sin isn’t in not working hard enough or long enough.

It is in despising the gift. That goes back to the beginning. And it even continues with us. We all want what is coming to us. The trouble is, like Adam and Eve in the garden, we think we ought to have everything.

We all want to be treated fairly. Like the first hired laborers, we think we deserve more than the next guy.

Thanks be to G...od, He doesn’t give us what is coming to us. He has mercy on us and graciously doesn’t treat us fairly. That treatment, that just dessert was laid upon Jesus on the cross of Calvary. So let the world be about some sort of fairness.

Luther says of this Gospel parable: “As far as civil, public life is concerned,… you are unequal; whether you are a better man or work harder than someone else is not the point. But no one has a better Christ than the next man.”

And that is what the kingdom of heaven is about—life in and with Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

To hear and/or read the entire sermon preached for Septuagesima, "The Vineyard of Our LORD," click on this link.

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