Thursday, March 20, 2014

"The Constancy of the Martyrs"

Irenæus wrote: "Wherefore, brethren, we do not commend those who give themselves up [to suffering], seeing the Gospel does not teach us so to do." As we heard, Jesus Himself said to His disciples,"When they persecute you in one town, flee t...o the next,..." [Matthew 10:23a] For martyrdom is not an end of itself. Martyrdom doesn't save anybody. But it is a witness to the Gospel, thus the word, "martyr." It is not called sacrifice, but martyrdom, a witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus who is faithful unto death.

There is, you see, no virtue in pursuing martyrdom. And there is no shame in avoiding it. But if it comes upon us, God will support us and will deliver us, giving us the proper words to speak in that day as well.

To hear the entire sermon, and/or read the sermon outline preached for Reminiscere Wednesday, "The Constancy of the Martyrs," click on this link.



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