Sunday, September 28, 2014

What Does Tomorrow Hold?

What does tomorrow hold? That’s the question on everybody’s mind that is behind Jesus’ question of His disciples on the mountainside: “Why Are You Anxious? “

This is a powerful and important question our Lord asks His disciples up on the ...mountain. Notice He doesn’t ask “if” the disciples are anxious. He asks them, "Why Are You Anxious?"

It is one He asks every one of His baptized children. "Why Are You Anxious?" And it is one He asks of you, His beloved ones gathered at Trinity today as we approach the close of our congregation at the end of October and the uncertainty that tomorrow holds. "Why Are You Anxious?"

Again, it isn’t a matter of "if," or "whether or not" you have anxiety right at this moment, but when —because it happens to us all, including those closest to the Lord like the disciples to whom He is speaking in our Gospel reading today--"Why Are You Anxious?"

To hear and/or read the entire sermon preached for the Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity, "What Does Tomorrow Hold?," click on this link.

[Artwork for today's OT reading: "Elijah & the Widow of Zarephath," oil on canvas by Nicolaes Maes—b.1634, d.1693.]

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