Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Your Future

Having just concluded our annual Tri-Circuit Conference during which we discussed the BRTF presentation as per the ND Convention, I have one recommendation over and above the content and merit of the presentation:

Do everything you can to get your District President to change the format of the presentation so that you are able to discuss the points before taking part in their survey.

It is your District Convention, not the BRTF Convention. As such you can, should, and must set the agenda. This means that you tell them how much time they can have and how that time will be used.

The Task Force has requested two hours on the agenda of each District Convention. The first hour is to make their presentation and have you rate each point as they make them, without discussion or any real time to think about it. The second hour is for discussion.

There is no reason your District shouldn't be able to demand discussion prior to rating the points. We are talking about the future of our synod, not a TV pilot show or a new brand of tooth paste.

If you find any value in this recommendation, please pass it along to your congregations and circuits.

Respectfully submitted,
Rev. Kurt Hering, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Layton, Utah

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