Sunday, February 22, 2009

With Unveiled Faces

Over my years as a pastor here at Trinity, Layton, The TRANSFIGURATION of Our LORD has grown to be one my favorite Sundays of the Church year--if a pastor may be allowed to have such favorites. The reason is basically twofold:

1) The spectacularly vivid view The TRANSFIGURATION of Our LORD gives us of heaven-- being in the presence of Christ with His prophets of ancient day and apostles of the days of His pedestrian ministry, walking and talking with Him.

2) The abundantly rich Scripture texts it presents to the pastor for preaching--offering one of those pleasant pastoral puzzles, i.e. what one must leave out of the sermon.

But I digress into something of another sermon in itself.

So here is the audio file of the sermon preached here at Trinity Lutheran Church in Layton, Utah for The TRANSFIGURATION of Our LORD , February 22, 2009 with one further disclaimer that must be made in order that the listener will understand the introductory remarks of the sermon.

Disclaimer: Upon entering the pulpit I could not get my recording device to power up. So I excused myself to get a back-up from my office after asking the congregation to meditate on Luther's Small Catechism explanation to the First Article of the Creed, which we would recite later in the sermon.

With that, the audio:

Have a blessed week with unveiled faces in the presence of the Son of God.

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