Friday, January 28, 2011

So Long, Charlie, I'm Glad I Knew Ye!

Charlie Callas, one of my all time favorites, died of complications from pancreatic cancer this past Wednesday.

While I'm feeling rather melancholy, I still can't help but walk around with a smile and more than a few chuckles because he is a big reason why this Martin is laughing. He was either 83 or 86, depending upon which report you read. Here are some Youtube clips of this rubber-faced, elastic-limbed genius.

Evolution of a Comedian

A man for all seasons of life.

Plate spinner extraordinaire!
(I never did "get" this form of entertainment.)

Who are the real idiots--the vapid voluptuous "models," or the drooling derelict "readers?"

What a Drag!


Ff. to 4:22 for this Callas classic moment.

So long, Charlie! Although you are now "thppphhhttt!" you remain a true First Article gift from God that will always make me laugh out loud.

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